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Each year nearly 150 individuals from all over the U.S. join us in the construction of new churches in Southern Mexico! The Gospel is spreading and the need is obvious, with the average Mexican income at approximately one-tenth of that of the United States. Your help is much appreciated.


Our construction season general runs from January through March with preference on the middle two weeks of each month. Optimum team size is from 12 to 20. Smaller teams may combine to reach that number.




Everyone needs a Passport. If you are under 18 you must have a notorized Parental Release Form (get one from your leader). This requires both parents signatures, a photo, and must be notarized. You may download a release for at
Make sure you know where your cameras and other valuables are at all times. Once in Mexico you must not lose your tourist paper.



If you are not doing anything look around and ask yourself the question, "What can I do to help?" or ask someone for instructions. Remember - you're going as a servant so keep a servant's attitude.
Everything is subject to change. Be flexible! The #1 rule is "NO COMPLAINING"
Try to stay in groups and if you're in doubt as to whether you can go somewhere or do something, please ask. We want to know where everyone is at all times. If you get lost go to the last place you were at as a group or the designated meeting area. Please be courteous, kind, and respectful. We are representing Christ.


The Mexican culture is much different than that of the United States. It puts a lot of attention on relationship, and less on efficiency. Lack of definition in the schedule, work inefficiency, and changed plans may irritate some. Please talk this through before arriving! Shorts can be worn at missionary's houses and bathing suits (not bikinis) on the beach. But, to respect the conservative Mexican culture, please pack extra conservatively. Girls should wear skirts or modest pants for church and guys wear pants. Blue jeans, knee-length shorts, and T-shirts are fine for travel and work.


People The majority of the population are of mixed Spanish and indigenous descent and speak Spanish, the official language. There are, however, more than a dozen active non-Spanish languages spoken in Mexico,including various Mayan dialects. Three great civilizations - the Mayas, the Olmecas, and later the Toltecas - preceded the wealthy Aztec empire in Mexico. It was conquered in 1519–21by the Spanish, who ruled Mexico for the next 300 years until the Mexicans won independence in1821.

History Mexico lost Texas to the U.S. in 1836, and in 1848 it lost the area that is now California, Nevada, and Utah, most of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexico has experienced much political unrest resulting in many wars from 1877-1920. Since a brief civil war in 1920, Mexico has enjoyed gradual agricultural, political, and social reforms.

Politics During the mid-1970s Mexico became a major petroleum-producer, however, unrestrained borrowing led to accumulated external debt. In Jan. 1994,Mexico joined Canada and the United States in the NAFTA agreement, which will phase out all tariffs over a 15-year period. In 1995 the U.S. won virtual veto power over much of Mexico's economy as they agreed to prevent the collapse of Mexico's private banks. In elections held July 2, 2000, the PRI party lost the presidency, ending 71 years of one-party rule.

The State of Guerrero, established in 1849, is extremely mountainous except for the coastal strip of Acapulco. Some of the heaviest fighting of the Mexican war for independence took place in the area, which was named for Vicente Guerrero, one of the revolutionary leaders. The coast and valleys are hot and rainy, but the highlands are cooler and drier. Tourism is centered mostly in Acapulco for its beach, and Taxco for its silver products. Agriculture (the growing of coffee, tobacco, cotton, tropical fruits, and cereals), forest products, and mining are the state's other chief economic activities.

Religion Official statistics have the nominal Roman Catholic population at 90%, "Protestants" at 6%. The Evangelical Christian population is likely much higher than that, with many estimates around 12%. The percentage has doubled in the last 15 years as there has been an openness to the Gospel. The ethnic groups in Mexico continue to be the most difficult challenge due to mountainous terrain, distinct languages,and cultural issues.



  • 2+ sets of work clothes (jeans and work shirts)

  • 2 sets of nice casual pants/skirts

  • Several T-shirts

  • Nice shirts for men/Modest skirts and blouses for women

  • Work Shoes (plan on ruining one pair)

  • Work gloves(light-weight w/reinforced palm)

  • Wide-brim hat

  • Sweat suit to sleep in

  • Evenings can be cool, come prepared

  • Only small, discrete,jewelry


  • First-Aid kit(one per team)

  • Hand wipes and hand purifier

  • Imodium,Antacid, Tylenol PM (or equivalent), Dramamine

  • Good Sun-screen

  • Insect repellent

FOOD (for team/missionaries-no glass)

  • 1 3lb canned ham or equivalent (per 3 people - or can be purchased in Mexico)

  • Coffee (can be purchased in Mexico)

  • Personal food: granola bars, candy, whatever.. (can be purchased in Mexico)

  • Powdered Drink mixes (will use a lot - can be purchased in Mexico)

TOOLS (to be left in Mexico)

  • Good wire cutters (2 per team)

  • Colored Carpenter Pencils

  • Metric tape measure (1 per team)



  • Camping pad& small pillow

  • Light sleeping bag or heavy blanket and sheet

  • Flashlight

  • Camera

  • Bible

  • Spanish/English dictionary

  • Towel

  • Toiletries

  • Fanny pack

  • Ear plugs (for sleeping)

  • Personal6"-8" fan (one per 3 people)

  • Family pictures to share about where you live

  • Gift for your host family: hand towels, kitchen or bathroom items, toaster, etc

  • Gifts for children/new friends: candy,balloons, hats or T-shirts with American slogans


  • Wood Chisel

  • Wooden Shims(bag of 50)

  • Saws-all blades(1 pk per team)

  • Assorted drywall screws

  • 2lb hammer

  • Colored duct tape

  • Electrical tape

  • Bungie cord assortment

  • Economy tool belt (1 per team)

  • 50' heavy duty ext cord


Contact Information

Paul and Teresa Stilwell
Phone: 011-52-733-33-33959 -Iguala, Mexico
Or (715)203-0063 US number rings in Mexico

Missions to Latin America ~ N5293 Conroy Dr ~ Spooner,WI54801 ~
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